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Tax Services

Although many people place a great deal of importance on deadlines for filing taxes, choices made throughout the whole year can directly impact whether you’ll be receiving a refund from the IRS or having to pay a hefty bill.

We take a proactive and personalized approach to providing tax services for our clients. Depend on us to examine the situation and determine what you can do to stay in compliance with laws while also minimizing your taxation burden.

Feel Confident About Your Taxes

People often try to file taxes without help, assuming it’ll be a smart way to save money. Often though, it ends up being so time-consuming that they realize it would have been much more efficient to hire a professional. Filing taxes independently can also cause people to feel very doubtful about whether they filled everything out correctly.

Contact us at Grossbach Zaino & Associates, CPA's, P.C. today and rest assured we’ll provide competent help so you don’t have to worry. As your tax accountants we do individual and business tax return preparation. We also provide federal and state audit representation in case the IRS decides to look more closely at the details of your returns. Taxes don’t have to be a source of stress. We proudly serve people in New York, Westchester and Fairfield counties including White Plains, Stamford, Connecticut and Greenwich, as well as New York City.

Our Services Include

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation
  • Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Federal and State Audit Representation
  • State and Local Tax Issues
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate & Trust Tax Preparation and Planning
  • International Tax Situations

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